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Student Prayer Guide   [download the pdf]

1. Pray ______ [names of students] will know and experience new life in Christ, knowing God's grace, love, and forgiveness for sins and failures. Pray they will walk in the fullness of God's Holy Spirit.
2. Pray ______ will have a love for learning, truth, beauty, and goodness. Pray they will grow through both adversity and prosperity, success and failure.
3. Pray for at least one adult to love and be there for them. Pray they will have healthy, meaningful, and lasting friendships.
4. Pray God will protect from harm and violence. If they are being bullied, pray for wise intervention by caring adults. Pray against the things that cause them fear.
5. Pray for their futures [education, careers, marriage, etc.]. Pray that will receive the encouragement and support needed to face life confidently.
6. Pray ________ will resist temptation in the areas of sex, peer pressure, drugs, cheating, lying; that they will be a positive role model.
7. Pray that the events and circumstances in their lives will lead them closer to the Lord. Pray ______ will develop a Christ-like character.
8. Pray ______ will discover and develop the gifts God has given them, that they remain in school, and strive for excellence.
9. Pray their consciences will not allow them to enjoy sin. Pray that Godly influences will be brought to bear on any destructive lements in lives and that they grow in faith.
10. Pray ______ will have spiritual discernment. Pray for spiritual protection from deception and the dark side.
11. Pray God will enlarge their vision to see a world in need, and how they can help. Pray that ______'s life will make a difference.
12. Pray that ______ will establish wise priorities [time, $, school, relationships ... ]. Pray for wise counsel from caring adults.
13. Pray ________ will see, respect and appreciate all of God's creation, including children both born and unborn.
14. Pray for healing and reconciliation in ways ______ may have been emotionally hurt. Pray that they will communicate their thoughts and feelings clearly.
15. Pray for protection from and/or relief from physical, spiritual, sexual, or emotional abuse; that it will be stopped and/or be exposed. If ______ is abusing others, pray that it will also stop.
16. Pray that ______ 's family will see their need and turn to God, that forgiveness will be extended to others, and that all chains of wrong doings be broken.
17. Pray their teachers will model love and acceptance, and that will get along with parents, teachers, and siblings.
18. Pray ________ will choose healthy friends and select positive role models. Pray for healthy self esteem.
19. Pray their hearts and minds will be open to truth, that they will retain truth, and discern untruth. Pray _______ will speak the truth in love.
20. Pray ______ will appreciate and care for the physical body God gave them. Pray for their physical safety when riding with others.
21. Pray ______ will have love and sensitivity for others. Pray that they will respectfully relate to the opposite sex.
22. Pray ______ will trust God to meet their daily needs, and that they will come to know the constant presence of the Lord.
23. Pray ______ will have the courage to stand alone, if necessary, in order to do what is right. Pray that they will be free of racial, religious, or economic prejudice.
24. Pray ______ will learn from their own mistakes, from the mistakes of others, and will respond to criticism constructively. Pray that they will deal with hurt and anger appropriately.
25. Pray that misconceptions about God will be corrected. Pray that ______ will learn to listen, both to God and others.
26. Pray ______ will know the joy and peace of the Lord. Pray that God's perfect will be accomplished in their lives.
27. Pray ______ will practice self-control [eating, emotions, TV, exercise ...], and resist junk food and junk entertainment.
28. Pray ______ will love reading and thinking about the things of God. Pray they will fill their minds with wholesome books and music.
29. Pray ______ will forgive and resolve conflicts with others, that they respond positively to those they dislike.
30. Pray ______ will make wise choices when it comes to dating, friends, career, etc. Pray they will see healthy marriages and learn from them.
31. Pray ______ will get involved in a healthy faith community, that they will be youth of integrity and character, knowing right from wrong.

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